Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Granny Squares

I've been sorting through some of my yarn and unfinished yarn projects and came across these granny squares.  It looks like I've done 18 rounds, and on round 19 I used the same color of blue.  I don't know what I was thinking when I did these or what the plan was.

 I guess it's a good idea to put some sort of notes in the bag with your project along with the kind of yarn you are using and the size crochet hook (or knitting needle) and the pattern name or a copy of the pattern.  Usually when I stop one project and start another, I have good intentions of coming back to the one I just left.....but that doesn't always happen.

I could make more squares and join them, or I could make two giant granny afghans.  Here's a link to the other giant granny that I made along with my tutorial on how to make a granny square.

I know if I don't take the time to weave the ends on these two blocks before I go on, I'm going to be really sorry.
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