Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tunisian Crochet Afghan

This is my daughter's Tunisian Crochet afghan that is from the same pattern as the one I showed you in the previous post.  As you can see, she has figured out the increase and decrease at the corners.  I really like the colorway she has chosen, too.

This is mine so far.  As you can see by comparing the photos, I just don't quite have it yet!   We are both using a size K crochet hook.  This afghan is started by chaining 10, turning and then doing rows of Tunisian crochet.  We did our corners by using a video we found on you tube.  Once I get all 10 of those stitches on the K hook, those first 2 or 3 are really hard to do in Tunisian.   (I'm just using a regular crochet hook since it's only 10 stitches).

I keep looking at mine and am probably going to try those corner turns a couple more times.  If that doesn't work out I will move on to Plan B.

This is the yarn that we are using  I love the subtle color change.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Few New Projects

I've started a few new projects since I last posted.....

This is the flower petal pillow from Attic 24 blog.

I started a scarf pattern I found in an old magazine in some of my leftover Colts color yarn.

I saw this Tunisian crochet blanket on Pinterest and have been trying to figure out how to increase and decrease at the corners.

This is one of my old stand by patterns for making an afghan.  It is a double crochet done while you skip a chain in the row below.  Then when you turn and come back you do a double crochet in the skipped chain.  I'm using Homespun yarn that I bought at my local JoAnns store.  This throw will be on the back of my chair for our cat, Tiki and I to use on chilly evenings.  

Here is a closet look at the pattern.

Hope you are finding some time to stitch!

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