Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pink and Brown Progress

I've been working on my pink and brown afghan for the last couple of days.  I'm using the Granny Stripe Afghan Pattern. 
The original pattern calls for the afghan to be a lot wider, but I made the beginning chain shorter because I don't have a lot of yarn.  The beginning chain needs to be a multiple of 3 so I chained 198 for this afghan.  What you see in the photo has used about half of my yarn, so I should have made my base chain a lot less.  But, right now I'm just trying to work up some of my yarn stash, so I'll use this with the stripes going vertically either as a throw or on the end of a bed.  I really like this yarn together.

For awhile now, I've been thinking about a pink and brown bedroom maybe for a guest room in winter time.  I have this wall hanging made in pink and brown except for the quilting so now all I need is to finish this afghan and make a pink and brown bed quilt.

  Crochet (or knit), relax and smile.  Repeat! 

Thanks for visiting. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pink and Brown Crochet

I've had this pink and brown variegated yarn for awhile now.  OK.  Truth is I've probably had it almost 2 years.  I have just been in the mood to crochet an afghan, so I've started one from this yarn.  I know it is nearly summer, but this way I'll have the afghan finished for this fall and winter. 

The  pink and brown variegated yarn is Classic Worsted Impressions by Universal Yarn, Inc.  I bought it at Knitting Today up in Wolcottville, Indiana or you can find it at Universal Yarn or by a google search.  The other 3 colors of brown/tan are from my stash.  I believe that they are Cascade yarn. 

I've started the afghan today in between doing other things.  In a day or two I'll show you my progress.

Crochet, relax, smile.  Repeat!  

Thanks for visiting. 

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