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Crochet Shell Afghan Tutorial

Crochet Shell Afghan Tutorial

This crochet shell afghan pattern is easy.  I've written a tutorial and taken step by step photos to show you how to do the base row and the first couple of rows that include a color change.  You can find just the pattern here in my previous post.

I used a worsted weight yarn and a size I crochet hook (5.5 mm).

There are 12 different colors of yarn in my afghan.  In the photo above I have started to repeat the colors a second time.  The ends could be trimmed for fringe, but I will probably stop at some point and weave them in.

Dark green
Light green
Dark Purple
Light Purple
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Teal
Light Teal

Chain a multiple of 6 + 1.  I chained 139 for my afghan, and it measures about 40 inches wide.

For this example I chained  25  (6 X 4 + 1) .  Do 2 double crochets in the 4th chain from the hook.

Skip 2 stitches.  Single crochet in next stitch.  Skip 2 stitches.  Five double crochets in next stitch.  Continue across your chain.

Here is the first row.  The arrows point to the two skipped stitches.

Every row will end with a single crochet.  

Every row will begin with a chain 3 and two double crochets.

One single crochet in the top of the shell (3rd double crochet).

Five double crochets in the single crochet from the row below.

Continue across ending with a single crochet in the top of the chain 3 from the row below.  (This is easier to see if you scroll down to the photo where I have changed colors.)

Changing colors:  When I finish a row I cut my yarn and pull the tail through the loop on my hook.  When I add a new color, I tie the yarn on with an overhand knot.  Then chain 3.

 (I know this is not how you are supposed to add on a new color of yarn, but without a knot I have had my afghans pull loose where colors were joined because my afghans normally get lots of use!)

Do two double crochets in the same stitch.

Single crochet in top (3rd double crochet) of the shell from the row below.  Five double crochets in the single crochet from the row below.  Continue.

Finish the row with a single crochet.

Chain 3.  

Continue the same as above until your afghan is the desired length or until you run out of yarn.

That's it.  Once you get the base row done, each row is the same.  I think this is an easy, relaxing pattern and hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thank you, LuAnn for the tutorial. I will try to do this pattern with a mixed colored yarn. So I don't need to change the colors. I am not really sure what kind of yarn I should take. I still have a lot of yarn for socks and I think I start to try it with one of them.
    Best regards

  2. What a fabulous tutorial LuAnn!
    I greatly appreciate your talents and generosity to share so many wonderful forms of handwork with all of us here in blogland!

    This amazing shell afghan is going to be added to my short list of projects for 2013! Thank You!

  3. I second Miss Aunt above for thanking you for sharing your talents with all of us. You put a great deal of time and effort into the tutorial, and it's awesome! I am going to have to make one of these soon.

    Thanks for visiting with me on my blog and for your kind words. :)

    Blessings always :)

  4. Thanks so much for this fantastic tutorial, it's so clear with the photos! This will be my next crochet blanket.

    A big hug

  5. Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial! Found the link through Pinterest. So glad i did! Just started my afghan and this is my new favorite pattern :-)

    Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks so much for a great tutorial. I made this aghan a few months ago and go confused with doing the crochets in the sc from the row below. This tutorial shows it so plain showing the scs from row below. I ended up giving up on it. Now I can follow your tutorial and start over.
    thanks soo much for the pictures.

  7. This is just what I was looking for - thanks so much for the easy to follow instructions! :)

  8. Thank you for your patterns and so helpful tutorials!

  9. Thank you so so much for this and for your quick lap blanket blog post that brought me here. It is exactly what I was looking for and it's beautifully done. Thank you for the time and effort providing this!

  10. Thank you soo very much for your tutorial. The pictures and instructions are just what I needed. I made a granny square blanket and I wanted to finish it off with a shell stitch border but with three rows of shells. You made this perfect.

  11. Thank you so much for posting these pictures! I was having trouble at the ends and it helped me! Love this pattern and the Christmas variation.

  12. Thank you so much for this great pattern and tutorial! I am really loving this easy and relaxing stitch that is turning out beautifully. The texture of it doesn't show up in photos well. I am loving the slightly wavy feel to it. My daughter is going to be so pleased with it when I'm done.

  13. This is very nice blog because information provided here through the article and the pictures are very effective. Private tutor Sag Harbor Because sometimes words cannot explain the things that pictures can and here the words and pictures both are expressing the things in balance.

  14. This pattern is so much easier than the one I already have made. I thru the old pattern out and will keep this one, it is so much more relaxing and so much easier. Thank You


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