Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crochet Shell Afghan Pattern

Crochet Shell Afghan Pattern

This is my progress on my Crochet Shell Afghan so far.  This is really an easy pattern.  I'll post just the pattern today.  I'm working on a tutorial and will have it ready to post sometime tomorrow.

Chain a multiple of 6 + 1

For my afghan I chained 139 loosely.   (It measures approximately 40 inches wide.  I'm using a worsted weight yarn and an I hook-5.5 mm)

In the 4th chain from hook do 2 double crochets.

*Skip 2 chains
Single crochet in next chain
Skip 2 chains
5 double crochets in next chain*

Repeat from * to * for the first row.  You will end with a single crochet.

Chain 3, turn.
In sc from row below do 2 double crochet.
In top of shell (3rd double crochet) do a single crochet
In next single crochet do 5 double crochet.  Repeat.


Your rows will always start with chain 3 plus 2 double crochet and will end with 1 single crochet.


  1. Thank you, LuAnn,
    I will try this pattern. It sounds really easy.
    ~~ Heike

  2. So colorful, I'll have to repin on Pinterest. I count thirteen different colors.

  3. Thanks so much, I'll wait for the tutorial, the photos are a great help.

  4. hello, if I wanted to make this double the width how many chains would I start off with?

    1. It's still 6 plus 1. So 138 times 2 plus 1.

  5. i also would like to know ifi could double this pattern

  6. please let me know if i can double this shell pattern i forgot to hit notify me

    1. I tried to email you, but you are set as a no reply blogger. Yes you can double the pattern as long as it is 6 X a number + 1. It should work out just fine.

  7. how many skeins of yarn did you use?

  8. Hi, could you please tell us the color stripe pattern? I'm trying to figure it out. Like ABAACACCD.... etc.

    1. The color stripe pattern is: A A B A B B C B C C D C D D E D E E............. I would love to see a photo if you try this!

  9. What if I am only using 2 colors? Just switch every other color?


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