Monday, January 4, 2016

Granny stripe as a temperature afghan?

Hello Dear Readers and Happy New Year!

It's been a long time since my last post.  Someone has posted a link to my blog somewhere, because I am getting a lot of reader comments and questions.  Thank you to whoever posted it.  Unfortunately, most of you are no reply bloggers, so I cannot reply personally to your questions.  I will go back through those comments and try to reply to you in the comment section later on.  If I'm trying to figure something out, I do read people's comments and questions so I should have been replying to your questions there all along.  

I'm getting a lot of questions about using my Granny Stripe Afghan pattern as a temperature afghan. I have seen several people pose the idea, but I haven't seen one of these afghans completed after a year.  This is a photo of my granny stripe afghan on my king sized bed.  It has 132 rows.  You can see how much it covers on a king sized bed.  Now imagine it with another 233 rows added to do one row each day for a year.  This afghan is pretty heavy as is.  I used an I hook with worsted weight yarn.  Someone wrote and asked about using an H hook, but that isn't going to make it that much smaller.

Here is a side view of the same blanket.  I could have made it a little longer to come up over the pillows, but to do 365 rows would make it huge.   That's just my opinion, but you sure are welcome to use my pattern if you want to.   If you go on Pinterest and search temperature afghan or temperature blanket, you will find a few photos.  One person did 4 narrow strips dividing the year into 3 month periods.  Then they joined those strips with black and crocheted around the outside of the entire blanket.  

I love this afghan, and I have another one started in Christmas colors.  The tutorial for my granny stripe afghan can be found here.   You can see the start of the Christmas granny stripe afghan here.

This is a diagonal granny stripe that I've started.  I did a sample piece and started to write a tutorial, but I left out a couple of photos of important steps.  So I'm starting over with another sample and won't let so much time go by before I post the pattern/tutorial.  I started this back in the fall, but may put this one aside and start with more spring colors.  As you can see, I love any kind of a granny afghan.

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Hope you are finding some time to stitch today!

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  1. can't wait to se your instructions for the diagonal granny blanket


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