Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ruffled Scarf

Welcome to my new followers.  I do a lot of different yarn projects but forget to take photos and post them.  And by the time I think of it, I'm off to the next thing.  I will do a better job of posting in the new year.  I plan to try to finish up some of the yarn projects that I have started and will take you along on my progress. 
 Anyway, thanks for being here and reading.
My daughter made this scarf while she was home for Thanksgiving.  The yarn is wide and has a woven look to it.  The scarf is knit along one of the long edges of the yarn.  Lots of the girls at the quilt retreat I just attended a few weeks ago were wearing these ruffled scarves.  I love the colors in this yarn!

Here is one of the yarns that makes these scarves, and one skein makes an entire scarf.  She took the scarf and the extra skeins of yarn home with her, but if anyone is interested I can take better close up photos of the yarn when I see her next week.

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  1. I wondered how these were made. I will look for some of the yearn today. A quick Christmas gift.

  2. video of crochet pattern for ruffled scarf

  3. How do I see or find where I can learn how to make the ruffle scarf?

  4. Where is the tutorial for this scarf, or rather "pattern"? by any chance is it on the inside of the wrapper that's on the yarn itself? I enlarge the photo of the skein of yarn and noticed the writing on the rapper says twisted scarf. That's what makes me think a pattern might be on the inside.

  5. Never mind. Doh! I see the PDF download button right below the post!


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