Thursday, August 4, 2011

Granny Stripe Afghan Tutorial

I had a question over on Ravelry about my Granny Stripe Afghan.  I decided to do a tutorial of a smaller size sample blanket in this pattern taking photos as I go. 

This pattern is worked in multiples of 3.   I am using acrylic yarn and an I hook. 

For this example I have chained 30.

Now turn and work a row of single crochets starting in the 2nd chain from hook.  (total 29)

Next chain 3 then work one double crochet into the second stitch from hook. 

Another Note:  After thinking about this if you started and have the chain 3 and double crochet both in that first stitch, your afghan should still look ok. 

*Skip 2 stitches, 3 DC in next stitch*.  Repeat across until you come to the end.  End with 2 DC in the last stitch on the row. 
NOTE:  This row should begin and end with 2 DC.

Chain 3.  Then:  *Three DC in space.*  Continue across.  Finish the row with a DC in the top stitch of the chain 3 made from the previous row.

As you work the blanket you can see how the first row ends with 2 DCs on each end; next row has 1 DC on each end.  And this pattern repeats throughout.

Here is how I tie on a color.  I cut the blue yarn and pull the loose end through the stitch to make a knot.  Then as shown in the photo I tied the orange yarn on through the space. 

To begin I stick the hook through the space and pull the orange yarn up. Then do 2 DC in the space. Then 3 DCs in each space until the end. Then do 2 DCs in the last space. 

There are no chains between the 3 DC clusters. 

Here are two rows complete on my practice piece. 

This is my afghan so far.  I need to weave those loose yarn ends in before I get much farther. 
Once you get going on this pattern, it is really quick and easy. 

I hope you are doing some crocheting today. 

If you have any questions, please email me:

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  1. Thanks for this! I've done granny squares before, but never the strips. I will try this out.

  2. Thanks so much for the directions! I saw another one on line, but needed some clarification on the directions.


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was trying to follow Lucy's pattern, but between the UK terms and lack of photos, I couldn't understand what she was talking about. Your photo tutorial cleared that right up. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for the post, I too couldn't follow Lucy's pattern. I want to make for a US King size bed (76 x 80 in) and was wondering if you could tell me how many stitches I would need to start off as well as balls of yarn. I've looked around the internet and it's just confusing! Thank you for your help

  5. Hi LuAnn

    I have just finished my blanket, thank you very much for your useful tutorial.

    Please, visit my blog and you will see it.

  6. I am glad to find this pattern. I have made several scrap granny square afghans out of left over yarn from other projects. I think this will look cool made out of my left overs too. I love to crochet & anything that works up quickly is always a plus! Thatnks for sharing it!

    1. Would love to see your afgan finished if you combined the strip and the squares. Please send photo to please put pic of afgan in subject line so i dont over look it

  7. Awesome directions and pictures. I want to do one of these ~when I finish the other project I am working on!

  8. I want to make it all in one color.....would that be the same directions..thanks

  9. I made a twin blanket for my granddaughter, then lost my pattern
    So happy to finally find it again

  10. I am new to crochet and I love the granny stripe pattern for a blanket. I have watched several videos and I keep coming to one question. When ending a row with 2 DC they are worked into the space and when a row is ended with 1 DC it is worked into a stitch. Is that the pattern once you get to rows 2 and 4? 2 DC worked into the space at the end and 1 DC worked into a stitch? I hope that makes sense and thank you for your help!

  11. Correction to my previous post (above). Once you get to row 3 and 4, not 2 and 4.

  12. How many stitches across for a a twin bed


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