Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finishing the Giant Crocheted Granny Afghan

My giant granny square afghan from Sucrette's Giant Granny Crochet Along has 55 rounds on it.  I started the blanket with 25 different skeins of yarn, and so far I have used each skein twice.   When I did round number 55 I finished with about 6 inches of yarn to spare.  That was cutting it just a little too close for comfort.  What to do?

I came up with the idea to get out my postage scale and weigh each ball of yarn that is left.  That's what all of the pink post it notes are on the yarn in the photo below.  My thinking was that if I knew the weight of the skein and there was enough yardage to go around the blanket once, then I could weigh what was left and make an educated guess as to how much it would take for the next round. 

After I had all of the leftovers weighed and labeled, I went upstairs to bring down another skein of the brown yarn I had used.  It was left from another project so I knew there was more of that color.  I also found a bag with extra skeins for this project that I had forgotten.  So now I have plenty of yarn to do several more rounds on the blanket.  I think in the CAL we were trying to get somewhere between 75 and 100 rounds. 

Stay tuned to see how many rounds I end up with. 

Hope you are doing some crocheting or knitting today.

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  1. Your GGSq is looking great! Love it.
    A friend took pity on me when she heard I had just donated all my yarn scraps about 2 weeks before Sucrette's CAL started, so she brought me a BASKET -- laundry basket! -- full of yarn! It was leftovers from projects she's done over the last couple of years. She gave it to me last Tuesday and said, "enjoy!". Isn't that great? Now I will begin just as soon as I remember how to start the square... chain how many and then sl st to form a ring??? A hint please. lol. The rest of the sq I am comfortable with... i think.
    Cyn; -)


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