Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tunisian Crochet Afghan

This is my daughter's Tunisian Crochet afghan that is from the same pattern as the one I showed you in the previous post.  As you can see, she has figured out the increase and decrease at the corners.  I really like the colorway she has chosen, too.

This is mine so far.  As you can see by comparing the photos, I just don't quite have it yet!   We are both using a size K crochet hook.  This afghan is started by chaining 10, turning and then doing rows of Tunisian crochet.  We did our corners by using a video we found on you tube.  Once I get all 10 of those stitches on the K hook, those first 2 or 3 are really hard to do in Tunisian.   (I'm just using a regular crochet hook since it's only 10 stitches).

I keep looking at mine and am probably going to try those corner turns a couple more times.  If that doesn't work out I will move on to Plan B.

This is the yarn that we are using  I love the subtle color change.

Product Image

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  1. Good for you, LuAnn--keep at it--one day a light bulb will go off and it'll feel easier--that's what I found when I was knitting--I felt so clumsy and then--poof! It just flew...I really miss my knitting....Julierose

  2. Love it !
    Is there a pattern I can get ?

    Thank You


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