Pink and Brown Granny Stripe

I'm using scraps for this afghan, but the yarn is all worsted weight.  I started with:
6 skeins of the pink and brown variegated
2 dark brown
2 medium brown
2 off white
Crochet Hook I

I chained 198, but for that amount of yarn that is way too many.  I can just eyeball the amount of yarn that I have left, and I know my afghan is going to be a lot wider than it is long.  The pattern is done with the base chain in a multiple of 3. 

So I'd say start out by chaining 105 stitches. Turn.

Row 1:  Single crochet starting in the second chain from the hook and continue.  Turn.
Row 2:  Chain 3.  Work 1 DC in the first stitch.  *Skip 2 stitches and do 3 DCs in the next stitch*  repeat this ending with *skip 2 stitches and end with 2 DC in last stitch. Turn.
Row 3:   Chain 3.   From now on you will be working in the spaces between the DC clusters.  Then 3 DC in the first space.  Repeat across the row ending with a DC in the top of the chain 3 from the previous row.

I did 2 rows of each color and kept repeating my colors in the same way, but I've also done this pattern just picking random colors every 2 rows. 
The first row of each color has 2 dc (one is the chain 3) at the beginning of the row and 2 dc at the end of the row. 
Then the second row of the color has one double crochet at the beginning (a chain 3) and one DC at the end of the row.

Once you get going this is a really easy pattern. 

One word of advice.  Since you are changing colors every two rows, it helps to stop once in awhile and sew in the loose ends of the yarn so that isn't left until the project is completed. 

As always, if you have any questions please email:

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