Thursday, August 28, 2014

Granny Stripe and Granny Square Afghans

My crocheted Granny Stripe and crocheted Granny Square afghans are probably two of the largest that I've finished.  The two of them together just fit into one moving box.  

This is the Granny Stripe afghan folded in half at the end of our king sized bed.  You can find my tutorial for my Granny Stripe Afghan  here.    You can find the chart for the Granny Stripe Afghan here.  Ayaka from Crochet and Me blog sent it to me to share with my readers.  You can follow the link to see her pretty afghan.  

This is how it looks when it's unfolded.  It is really more wide than it is long.  I think the next one I make will be more narrow.  Yes, I do have plans for another Granny Stripe.  I love this pattern.  

My Granny Square afghan is huge and really heavy.  You can find the tutorial for my Granny Square Afghan here.  And, I have plans to make another one of these, too.  These are two of my favorite crochet patterns.  

I'm working on a couple of quilting projects so I am making myself wait to unpack most of my yarn because I know there are things still packed away that I want to work on.  Soon.......

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Hope you are finding time to take a few stitches today.  


  1. Hi, LuAnn!
    I really like the color combination of your bed room.
    I'm still working my granny stripe afghan...
    It is fall now, cold weather makes me want to crochet!
    Hope have a good day.

  2. I don't like patterns with tons of color changes because I never think I get the ends woven in well enough that they won't pop out (no matter HOW long they are!). Any suggestions for that problem?


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