Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pink and Brown Granny Stripe Afghan

I should have been all finished with the pink and brown variegated granny stripe afghan that I showed in an earlier post, but.......

This is what I did:

No, I'm not making a second afghan.  Here is a closer look:

See that the yarn is attached to the longer piece....and goes over to the shorter piece?  I had a lot more done on it than you see in the photo, but as I used the yarn I could see that the afghan was going to turn out way too wide and wouldn't be nearly long enough.   So I started over and chained less stitches.  You can see the piece on the right is the new afghan.  I know that this crochet project is just a way to use up some of my yarn, but I figured I might as well be happy with the finished project.  I'll post another photo soon, but I have worked almost all of the yarn from the longer piece onto the afghan.  Hopefully I will have a finish soon. 

Hope you are doing some stitching today! 

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