Sunday, September 12, 2010

Potato Chip Scarf (Knit)

This is another easy knit project.  All this requires is a knit stitch.  This is my progress so far. 

Here is the pattern:

One ball of Koigu sock yarn.  One ball of Kids Silk Haze. 
Size 5 double point needles (need two that will be used as two straight needles). 

Cast on 20.

Knit across row (20 stitches). 

Then you are going to do short rows like this:

Knit 8.  Turn, knit 8. 
Knit 6.  Turn, knit 6.
Knit 4.  Turn, knit 4.
(Note:  When you are doing the above short rows, be sure after you turn your yarn is in the back.  If it isn't you will get another yarn over.

Knit 20.  Repeat.
This is the yarn I used.  There is one ball of Koigu and one ball of Kids Silk Haze.  It is a bit hard to see, but after you knit 3 or 4 inches of the scarf it begins to curl a potato chip. 

This pattern was given to me by the girls at Knit Stop.     I would love to see a photo of your scarf and/or your yarn choices. 

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  1. Luann, that is really cute. I can do basic knitting - scarves and dish cloths, that's about my limit. Thanks for sharing, it sounds easy enough that I might could try it!


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